Request for Proposal Uniform Rental Services

The Capital Region Airport Authority (CRAA) hereby requests from persons, firms, or corporations, who meet the qualifications hereinafter set forth, proposals to provide Uniform Rental Services, at Capital Region International Airport, Lansing, Michigan, as more particularly, set forth in the contract.

For the information of interested firms and their convenience in the submission of a proposal, the following documents, which constitute the Proposal Package, are being furnished and attached hereto:

1. Instructions to Proposers;
2. Price Form;
3. Uniform Rental Specifications;

This contract covers uniform rental services for Maintenance Department personnel at Capital Region International Airport, 4100 Capital City Blvd, Lansing, Michigan 48906.

Proposal will be received in the Administration offices of the Capital Region Airport Authority, third floor of the Terminal Building located at 4100 Capital City Blvd, Lansing, Michigan, 48906.Each proposer must complete and return the attached Price Form, filling in the form completely and in full accordance with these instructions; so that the proposal is received by 3:00 p.m. April 25, 2016. Proposals received after this specified time will not be given consideration.

The CRAA reserves the right to consider the relative experience and qualifications of each of the respective proposers and to select the proposer to whom it will award a contract. Each proposer must produce evidence satisfactory to the CRAA concerning the experience and ability of the firm to complete the Uniform Rental Services Contract.

The CRAA reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any informality or irregularity in the submittals. The CRAA shall be the sole judge of the adequacy of proposer’s qualifications. The CRAA will award to the proposer best meeting the airport's needs, as determined by the CRAA in its discretion. The CRAA is not bound to award the Concession based on lowest price. The CRAA reserves the right to negotiate with one or more proposer after submittal. The CRAA may, in its discretion, conduct one or more interviews with proposers prior to selection.

Interested firms should familiarize themselves fully with these documents and the needs of the CRAA. The submission of a proposal shall mean that the proposer is thoroughly familiar with all of the stipulations and requirements.

Should a proposer find any discrepancy in or omissions from these "Instructions", or other documents, he/she should at once notify the CRAA in writing, which will send clarifying written instructions to all prospective proposers. The CRAA will not accept responsibility for any other explanations or interpretations of the instructions.

No proposal will be considered from any person, firm or corporation who has failed to perform acceptably any existing or prior contract or agreement with the CRAA.

Ron O’Neil
Director of Maintenance

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