Haley Kluge of Delta Township Wins Capital Region International Airport’s “Father’s Day Fly Away” Contest, $1,000 Flight Voucher

LANSING, Mich. – Lansing’s Capital Region International Airport announced today that Haley Kluge, 18, of Delta Township is the winner of the inaugural “Father’s Day Fly Away” Contest.

Kluge, a May 2013 graduate of Grand Ledge High School, will receive a $1,000 Fly Lansing flight voucher after penning a winning essay about her dad, Ed Kluge.

“We received a lot of great entries for our Father’s Day Fly Away Contest, but we were really touched by Haley’s essay,” said Nicole Noll-Williams, Capital Region International Airport’s director of regional market development. “She did a great job bringing to life the strong father-daughter bond that she has with her dad. They genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and we hope that this travel voucher allows them to share more memories together.”

After seeing the contest promoted on the Capital Region International Airport’s Facebook page, Haley, who will study journalism and visual communications at Michigan State University next fall, decided to put her writing skills to good use. She submitted a 150-word essay about her father, an engineering supervisor at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center at Michigan State University.

Haley’s entry was inspired in part by the close relationship she has with her father. She credits him and her mother, Lauri Knutson, for raising her and her sister, Alyssa, 22, to be women with strong values, a good work ethic and the motivation to follow their dreams.

“My dad is one of the best people I know,” said Kluge. “He has always gone above and beyond the basics of being a parent. He taught me to never give up and that nothing is worth doing unless you are happy. He and my mom have always been my number one supporters, and I’m so grateful for that.

“Since he does so much for everyone else, I thought it was only fair to try and do something for him.”

In her essay, Kluge depicted her father’s passion for helping his friends, family and community.

“My dad has spent his life building,” Kluge wrote. “Our driveway has been the construction site for homecoming floats for a decade, and he has orchestrated projects for our school and community.

“His vision lets him see the potential of what can be done rather than what is in front of him, whether it be a rundown house or a new idea. I’d like to build something for him this time – memories made while on a vacation.”

The Kluge family, longtime mid-Michigan residents, has vacationed together since the girls were small. Though it has become more difficult in recent years with four busy schedules, the group makes family trips a priority. For Haley, they are another way for her to spend quality time with her dad. 

“When we go on trips, my dad and I always seem to enjoy the same types of things,” said Kluge. “We’ve taken an hour tour of the catacombs in Paris, discussed history and mythology in Greece and gone sailing together in the Caribbean. We have so many great travel memories together, many of which started at the Lansing airport.”

Haley has decided to let her father make the final call on how to use the $1,000 Fly Lansing flight voucher. She has a feeling it will be for another fun family getaway.