21-02 Request for Qualifications, Professional Airport Consulting Services, Mason Jewett Field

The Capital Region Airport Authority intends to select a consultant to assist in airport development projects. Interested consulting firms are requested to provide a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) in triplicate to Mr. Robert Benstein, Vice-President & COO, Capital Region Airport Authority, 4100 Capital City Boulevard, Lansing, MI 48906 no later than 3:00 PM on September 2, 2021. The SOQ should demonstrate the consultants’ interest in providing airport planning, architectural/engineering design, and construction administration services focused on Mason Jewett Field’s five-year Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP). Services will include general consulting and advisement on airport development issues including assistance in the following projects:
  • Rehabilitate Taxilanes 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7
  • Rehabilitate Runway 10-28
  • Rehabilitate Terminal Apron
Services associated with the above project list, such as minor ALP Updates, programming, drainage improvements, environmental review, approach clearing, paint marking, crack sealing, NAVAID/electrical, land acquisition, and/or planning/user survey studies may be performed in association with the listed projects as funding and constructability allow. From time to time projects develop as a result of airport inspections, letters of correction and/or emergency circumstances. The selected consultant may be asked to perform said additional work as part of this procurement action.
This is a Quality Based Selection process, and services for each project will be negotiated independently. SOQ submittals shall exclude fees or cost. Not all of the services or development items listed in this advertisement may be contracted nor eventually required. The Sponsor reserves the right to initiate additional procurement action for any services included in this procurement, but not under contract.
Firms will be ranked in areas such as: familiarity and understanding of the airport needs; corporate history and background in aviation consulting; demonstrated experience with similar projects; key personnel professional qualifications; firms ability to provide contact person with demonstrated aviation experience and overall project coordination; knowledge/familiarity with FAA and State regulations, policies, and procedures; and success of recent projects. Awards or special recognition achieved by the firm should be highlighted.
Firms should demonstrate their reputation with other airports, by providing at least 3 airport references within the State of Michigan. Additional information may be requested from the top selected firm or firms. Interviews may be conducted at the discretion of the Capital Region Airport Authority.
Projects are anticipated to be initiated between 2021-2025. Projects are expected to be completed over several years and funded in full or in part with funds and/or multiple grants from the Federal Aviation Administration, State of Michigan, and/or local sources. The selected firm will be subject to all state and federal requirements.
SOQ submittals shall be organized in the following way:
  • Tab 1 – Cover Letter/Introduction
  • Tab 2 – FAA Standard Form 330, including five (5) project examples (Section F)
  • Tab 3 – References
  • Tab 4 – Additional qualifications/information (12-page limit)
Questions can be directed to: Robert Benstein, Vice-President & COO, at (517) 886-3716 or rbenstein@craa.com